Monday, February 19, 2007

Iraq War: Mission Accomplished!

The Iraq War is over. Saddam is dead. There were no WMDs. Mission accomplished.

It is not our responsibility to militarily negotiate the outcome of a civil war. That would be outside the purview that Congress had established for our involvement in Iraq. Certainly, our politicians can understand that a conditiion for "victory" would presuppose that we have won the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people. I don't believe that can be accomplished at the end of a barrel of a gun. That conversion methodology would more accurately qualify as "duress", wouldn't you agree?

At last report, 80% of all Iraqis and close to 70% of all Americans want us to disengage from what has become a tragic quagmire. Isn't that message strong enough? Republicans, do what's right and good for America: Leave Iraq.

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