Friday, March 23, 2007

Allegiance to GOP in Decline

Is anyone really surprised by this shift? The only statistic that continues to defy logic in my mind is the 35% of so-called Americans who continue to give their allegiance to the Bush regime.

After all of the idiocy, corruption, incompetence and betrayal to our constitutional principles that this administration has displayed, you would think that those who continue to be loyal to Bush would be just his ultra-elite base -- the wealthiest 2% of so-called Americans. Clearly, the other 33% are clueless about the real thrust and direction that Bush has taken our country or, perhaps, they simply philosophically prefer a closer approximation to fascism as their national identity.

Certainly, those outside of the 2% ultra-elite, the remaining 98% of our population are not being served by this Administration's focus, philosophy, or policies.

This administration has demonstrated itself to be anti-thetical to everything that Americans have traditionally held dear -- freedom, privacy, fairness, rule of law, civil rights, liberties, habeas corpus, checks and balances, three separate but equal branches, etc., etc., etc.

America, as a whole, has suffered greatly at the hands of president Bush and co-president Cheney. History will record these "Bush/Cheney years" as one of the darkest periods in our nation's history.

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