Thursday, April 26, 2007

Will Republican Attempts to Pass Blame for Iraq Succeed?

And how long will we hear that tired, pitiful, hypocritical refrain from the Bush Republicans -- that the Democrats are "cutting and running" and are defeatist?

Let's revisit the facts, shall we? First of all, this was not a "war of necessity". It was a war of "choice", the reasons of which were completely fabricated by a deceitful and devious Bush administration. Our focus should've remained on capturing or killing Osama bin Ladin and destroying his al Qaeda network in Afghanistan. Instead, our idiot president, at the urging of Darth Cheney and his neocon cohorts, pushed for an invasion of Iraq. Not only did we invade a country unnecessarily, but the effort was so badly mismanaged, that our doom was sealed -- not by the Democrats -- but by the architects and supporters of the invasion -- the Bush administration and his cadre of Republican supporters! It is they who created the condition of defeat by their arrogance and gross mismanagement.

Remember when Colin Powell told Pres. Bush, "This war will be "your baby" ...Be ready to accept the consequences"? Well, it's time that Bush accepts his responsibility and stops trying to pass the baton of his failure on to future presidents.

Here it is, now four years later, and we are suffocating in a quagmire of Bush's making. And here they are -- the Bush Republicans -- trying to attach the blame for their monumental failure on the Democrats.

It appears that Bush Republicans seem more concerned with their party's prospects in the next election than in what is best for the future of America! Once again, "image" over "substance".

So, Republicans, stop your nonsense. The truth couldn't be any clearer. You've made a historic blunder. Instead of further depleting our national treasury and ruining countless more lives on this failed "experiment", show some courage and admit the mistake and make an earnest effort at mitigating what has become a national nightmare.

Ultimately, it is not the Democrats who will be judged as "unpatriotic". No, It will be those Republicans who cynically cling to the notion that they can pass the blame to the Democrats for the failures of their president.

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