Friday, September 14, 2007

Chaos in Iraq Planned

The chaos in Iraq was part of the plan. The Bush administration understood that as long as there was chaos in Iraq, America would have a reason to maintain a military presence.

We all saw the Cheney video segment recently when he was Defense Secretary under Bush #41 where he lucidly explained why it would NOT have been in our best interest to march into Baghdad as part of Desert Storm. He outlined exactly why it would be disastrous. And everything he described has in fact taken place during our current invasion and occupation of Iraq under Bush #43's nose.

It is also important to note that, in addition, our military planners had also identified likely scenarios in the event we were to fully engage and occupy Iraq. There were, in effect, no surprises. None. Zippo. Nada.

So, why didn't the Bush administration, given its prior knowledge of the likely outcome, ignore the advice? The answer is simple: They wanted to establish a permanent military presence and "chaos" was an important part of the justification for doing so.

Also, it should be clear to everyone that the reason why the Bush administration is avoiding any kind of diplomatic initiative to bring stability to Iraq in the region is because they know that Iraq's neighbors would not stand for a permanent U.S. presence in Iraq. Therefore, the Bush administration has chosen to avoid any serious attempts at resolving this crisis diplomatically with Iraq's neighbors. Hasn't Condoleezza Rice's absence through all of this been rather peculiar? I'm sure it is also why the Bush administration downplayed the significance of the Iraq Study Group's recommendations in the Fall of 2006 as well!

So, there you have it. The lying, deceptive and treasonous administration continues to ply its wares on America and the world. You would think that by now, given the significant unpopularity of this president and his administration, Congress would be more aggressive in exposing Bush as the complete fraud and traitor that he is.

Bush shouldn't be given the time of day. He is completely undeserving of any respect. He has lost all credibility. And his policies are a major liability to our security and strength at home. It's as if he is deliberately attempting to encourage and magnify the hate directed at us. It's imbecilic.


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