Tuesday, January 9, 2007

110th Congress to Combat Republicans' Class Warfare Agenda

What can or should the 110th Congress do to combat the Republicans' Class Warfare agenda? A good place to start would be on establishing legislative controls on corporate America's efforts to outsource the American economy to foreign interests. Also, any rational and intelligent debate will reveal that just about all of our "free trade" deals have been nothing more than a free pass for foreign economic interestes to rape and pillage the American economy. Certainly, Fair Trade must be given pre-eminence over Free Trade if America is to regain its economic strength domestically.

I was pleased to see that Sen. Reid will be pushing serious "Lobbyist reform" early on in the 110th Congress. I was also heartened to hear that Democrats will also tackle campaign finance reform as well, with public financing of campaigns a legislative goal.

All of these efforts will benefit the average American citizen, negating the self-destructive trend where corporations were allowed to rule America with few constraints. Finally, average Americans will have "their" interests represented in Congress.

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