Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Are Bush Republicans And The Fed Playing Dirty?

The Fed decided today to not raise interest rates. It is my belief that it will limit rate hikes under Bush for as long as possible and will likely be more willing to raise rates with greater frequency should the next president be a Democrat. (Yes, I'm beginning to think the Fed plays politics.)

Clearly, the U.S. is swimming in a deep, deep sea of red ink, the result of irresponsible policies of the Bush administration and, what once was, his lackey Republican majority in Congress. So, not only will Bush attempt to pass off his colossal failure in Iraq to the next president, but all of that red ink as well.

I am convinced that Bush and the Republicans in Congress had intended to create so much debt and red ink so that Democrats would be forced to make huge cuts in various social and entitlement programs. That way the cowards don't have to go on record as opposing FDR's New Deal legislation and other popular Democratically inspired programs.

Bottomline: Republicans suck -- "BIG TIME".

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