Thursday, January 25, 2007

During Interview, Cheney Calls CNN's Wolf Blitzer's Line of Questioning "Out of Line"

During a recent interview on CNN's Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, Cheney accused Wolf Blitzer of being out of line for having the audacity to ask him about his lesbian daughter's pregnancy.

"Out of line"? If anyone has been "out of line", I think the overwhelming consensus, outside of the White House and its enablers in Congress and in the media (Fox News), is that Cheney holds a monopoly on being "out of line". His rather lengthy record of spewing lies and deceit in promoting the war in Iraq is shocking, abhorrent and disgraceful to the extreme. What makes it so shocking is his alarming persistence in repeating and spreading his program of lies despite having those pronouncements irrefutably exposed as blatant lies and deceptions.

If justice were served both Cheney and Bush would help patrol the streets of Baghdad so that they could play a more definitive role in executing their Iraq policy and witness, first hand, the wisdom of their policies.