Friday, January 5, 2007

Paperless Electronic Voting Must Go!

This morning I signed a petition dealing with election reform that will be circulated to members of Congress in an effort to provoke official action by highlighting the extreme importance of restoring integrity to the election process concerning how our votes are registered, counted and tabulated. Our democracy, after all, begins and ends with the election process. If you would like to participate in this important process, the online petition can be found at the following URL:

Americans no longer trust in the outcome of our elections. It has reached a point where reasonable men and women are demanding a more transparent and verifiable approach to ensuring that their vote counts in the manner in which they intended. Electronic voting has been responsible for creating this distrust as there is no effective way to validate, verify or confirm vote counts in a way that would restore complete faith and trust in the process. In this period of high tech, where our elections are concerned, Americans are far better served by low tech -- by restoring the pre-eminence of the paper ballot. After all, the paper ballot cannot be fraudulently modified or altered without easily being detected. It can be counted, and recounted, in a very precise manner that would go a long way in restoring unwavering faith in the integrity of our election process.

Election alarm bells are ringing loudly when historically accurate exit polling data is no longer corresponding with the voting results as tabulated largely by electronic voting machinery. We must aggressively and quickly enforce corrective measures so that Americans can once again honor and respect the results of the people's voice. Yes, Americans must once again trust in the election process -- that their voices are being registered and heard accurately. For absent this, our democracy is nothing but a sham, where the interests of a powerful few trump, silence, or veto the voices of the majority. And such a scenario is certainly not a democracy but, more accurately, a dictatorship.

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