Thursday, January 4, 2007

End of Cold War Ushered in Corporate Excess

It seems obvious to me that once our principal enemy was defeated in the mid-80s - the Soviet Union (Communism) - corporate America no longer felt the necessity to compete for the minds, hearts and souls of those within its purview. Consequently, the shift to the right has been steady and staggering on a societal scale. What we are left with is a corporate elitism that serves a different master -- a "global economy" with a global citizenry (consumers) -- and not one normally served by the more traditional body-politic, namely - you and me.

Such a social arrangement as described above is devoid of those essential elements that constitute a viable, vigorous, and enduring nation-state. Specifically, where's the spirit, that sense of shared community? There is none in such a vapid social compact. It's a harsh way to live and strips away our sense of national identity, pride and purpose. Our revered allegiance to those principles enunciated in our foundational documents -- our Constitution and Bill of Rights -- are being tossed aside like a cheap, dime novel, under the guise of prosecuting an unending global war on terror.

The political and economic changes that have been wrought from this corporate elitism is so very anti-thetical to the spirit and meaning of our Constitutional democracy. We seem to be devolving into a two-class system consisting of a "ruling elite" and a lower class. The middle class is being swept aside in a rush for corporate profits on the global stage.

Americans must awaken to the threats that these new trends pose and forcefully reassert their fundamental beliefs and sense of identity as espoused in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. We must communicate our concerns to the new Democratic Congress in no uncertain terms. Hopefully, the new Democratic majority in Congress will forcefully and eloquently resist these elitist trends and work to once again embrace all Americans in a quest to restore "liberty and justice for all".

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