Saturday, January 27, 2007

Sen. Kerry Calls Bush White House An International Pariah

Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry levelled some serious criticism at the Bush administration during a speech in Davos, Switzerland where experts and decision makers from around the world have gathered to consider the important challenges and trends facing the world today. Sen. Kerry expressed his view that the Bush administration has caused the United States to become "a sort of international pariah."

He went on to say, "So we have a crisis of confidence in the Middle East — in the world, really. I've never seen our country as isolated, as much as a sort of international pariah for a number of reasons as it is today....We need to do a better job of protecting our interests, because after all, that's what diplomacy is about," he said. "But you have to do it in a context of the reality, not your lens but the reality of those other cultures and histories."

I agree completely with Sen. Kerry. Those looney tunes in the White House have done great harm to the United States both at home and abroad. The level of stupidity, arrogance and incompetence seems almost incomprehensible to think that such stupidity and mismanagement could be even a possibility to the degree that we've witnessed in this day and age is shocking. These people are dragging the country into the ground on so many levels and with such ferocity that one begins to wonder whose interests they are representing. It has reached a point now where two out of every three Americans have lost faith and trust in the Bush administration to successfully represent and promote our strategic interests both at home and abroad. Congress and the Judiciary needs to quickly assert its status as co-equal branches of government and hold this administration accountable for its actions!

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