Friday, January 19, 2007

George Bush: Dr. Strangelove, Part Deux?

The time has come for Americans to assert their independence and shout, "What the hell?!" when confronted with the possibility that Bush will actually take that next step and move to enlarge his colossal mistake in Iraq by making an even larger, super-duper colossal mistake by expanding the area of conflict to include both Iran and perhaps Syria and, ultimately, maybe even the entire Middle East. That would certainly make for a Texas sized humdinger wouldn't it?! Heeyah! Rock 'em. Sock 'em. Go get em! Heeyah!!!

The image that comes to mind is a scene from the movie, "Dr. Strangelove". In that movie, a pilot of a nuclear-armed B52 is tasked with delivering a nuclear hit on the then Soviet Union in retaliation for what turns out to be just an imagined or fictitious nuclear launch on us. And at that point when his plane is just about to reach its target and run out of fuel at the same time, this cowboy pilot (who actually wears a Stetson-like cowboy hat) manages to hop on the back of a nuclear missile, as if hopping on the back of a wild bronco. As the nuclear missile drops from the belly of the plane, we see this pilot waving his cowboy hat wildly with one hand as he grabs the missile with his other and yells, "Heeyah!!!" as he urges his missile on to its final target as if riding a bronco in some kind of old Western bronco-busting contest.

Does this sound ridiculous? It should. But the real tragedy is that it is actually a believable metaphor for what could happen, given the mindless stupidity of the current occupants of the White House.

Now is the time when America and the world needs real leadership here in the United States. Will we and the world be rescued from the mind-numbing recklessness of the Bush administration? Congress and the Courts need to stand firmly together to reign in this wild bronco that appears to be suffering from some sort of rabid ailment. God help us.

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